Farm your liquidity across multiple chains on One Platform

Receive the highest returns from the best Pools in Defi.

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About Liquidity Protocol

$LP is a multi-chain Liquidity farming protocol. Traditional Liquidity farming is usually limited because users have to switch blockchains for the best yields. Most cryptocurrency investors only use a few blockchains, which hinders their chances of receiving the highest returns when farming liquidity. Liquidity Protocol solves this issue by allowing users to farm liquidity across multiple chains. The protocol ensures that users are always investing in the best-performing pools across multiple blockchains.

Our automated Liquidity platform requires minimal knowledge of liquidity farming because our Smart contracts control your assets and will always look to provide the best return possible.

Liquidity Farming is the best way to earn passive income in Defi. Our protocol streamlines the process of liquidity farming, saves users time by providing the best multi-chain options, and yields the highest returns.


Liquidity Protocol Features

Farm the best Pools in Defi

Browse and farm the best-performing pools from multiple blockchains.

Easy to Use

Our user-friendly interface will get you started in minutes

Hold $LP and Earn Income

Holding $LP earns you a portion of the fees earned on the platform. $LP is also the governance token for our future DAO.

Provide Liquidity to the best Defi Platforms

Help solve the Defi Liquidity issue and Earn Passive income

Earn the Highest returns

Our smart contract will always find the best yield automatically

Token Allocation

Our Tokenomics

Total Supply

4% Tax


Our Detailed Plan

Stage 1

Concept Exploration

Team Building

UI Concept

Launch Socials

Launch $LP [Uniswap]


Stage 2

UI upgrade

$LP Platform [Beta]

Partnerships [Defi]

$LP Platform upgrade

$LP platform full release

Defi Roundtable discussions

DAO formation

$LP Bridge

Stage 3

Introduce Liquidity Staking

Launch $LP on additional chains [on-going]

Full DAO integration

  • Roadmap will be updated frequently
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